Nurse Tour Multi-Country Safari Adventure: CME/CEU

An ultimate giving back Safari

We appreciate the difference nurses make.

We look forward to taking Nurses on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing the gift of giving back to the world. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to earn 25 CE Units towards your continuing education along the way. Amazing? We think so, too!

Here’s what’s in store for you on this adventure:


Why Take Continuing Education Courses With Destination Earth?Continuing Education (CE) Benefits

  • We provide the perfect mix of self-study CE courses and group CE lessons during your vacation. Learn what you are interested in during self-study, and efficiently move through course work in our fun group environment.
  • Complete 25 to 30 units in half the time with our efficiently guided courses!
  • Support good causes: We will discover this area’s hidden secrets while contributing to its sustainability by working with great non profits.
  • An intimate, small group experience: Two knowledgeable guides and no more than 15 guests assure you a very special trip.

  • Get a paid vacation: Many employers offer allowances of $1,000 to $4,000 per year toward continuing education, including travel expenses. Check your benefits package to see how much of your adventure will be free!
  • Paid time off: Get paid like you were working while having fun and earning CE Credits! Most employers will pay between 20 and 50 hours per year for continuing education. Check your benefits package to see how much paid time off you can apply toward your adventure!
  • Tax Deductible: Contact your tax advisor to find out how much of your adventure travel may be eligible as a tax-deductible expense!**
  • Complete all requirements in style: No more seminars in stuffy corporate environments. Cover up to 30 units of CE while having the experience of a lifetime!
  • We help you succeed: By working with Destination Earth, you will have support to complete all of your course requirements with ease. We dedicate plenty of time on our trips to take all needed courses and complete the tests to receive your credits. You’ll even complete credits while en route to our exciting daily adventures, and you’ll be surrounded by other adventurous nurses to discuss topics and assist each other in an inspiring setting.

Join us for Tanzania Migration for just $3,595! Add the pre extention to Rwanda at just  $2,495, and reset in magical Zanzibar for $1,895. Includes individual licenses for Nursing Continuing Education components. For more information, please contact us.

June 1 - June 18, 2024

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Activity Level: Light  

Altruism Index: 5  

Service Level: Upgraded  

Group Size: Min 4 pax, Max 15 pax  

Travel Experience: Mixed Bag  

Trip Highlights:  

About the Guides

Jud Yaski is an adventure veteran with over 22 years of international travel, extreme sports, and corporate hospitality under his belt. Jud has traveled throughout South East Asia, Hawaii and South America for the last 20 years. His love for these countries and its peoples, along with inside knowledge through months of travel to each location are reflected in the extraordinary adventures he will be sharing with you.


Days 1-7 Rwanda [PRE-EXTENSION TRIP - $2495] Day by Day Itinerary

Your fist 7 days of this adventure will immerse your senses in the magical country of Rwanda, the ‘land of a thousand hills’. This country is known for its remarkable transformation, from the devastating genocide to becoming the most enlightened country in Africa and perhaps the world. You will see gender equality and conservation in action. Rwanda’s main attraction is the silverback gorilla – one of the most endangered primates in the planet with only 800 left in existence. However, just as amazing is the country’s majestic volcanoes, extensive rainforest and inland beaches which make the geography a diverse paradise. Pair that with the people and the most incredible story of forgiveness and unification I have ever seen, and you can’t help but have this country change the way you see the world and more importantly, the way you react in it.

Day 1-2

Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali tour

Day 3-4

Akagera Game Lodge, Rwanda

Akagara Game reserve

Day 5-6

Volcanoes National Park, Ruhengeri, Rwanda

Kigali and Volcanos park



Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We will arrive in the evening at Kigali Airport, where you will be welcomed by our local guide. After your transfer to the luxurious Boutique Hotel in Kigali, We will savor an early dinner, as you get to know your fellow travelers.



Millennium Village and Kigali City Tour

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The next morning we will drive to the capital of Nyamata: Bugesera, an untapped historical gem. We will arrive at the Nyamata Genocide Memorial to learn about the history of the Rwandan genocide, and continue on to the reconciliation Village . This relatively short visit will be one of the most powerful testaments to humanity you will witness in your life. We will hear how re-integrated perpetrators as they call them, live and work alongside the people whom lives they have torn apart. Both have forgiven each other and Each will tell their story, opening us to the possibility of true forgiveness.

The next stop is just as inspiring. We will visit the Rwanda Nziza Women’s Weaving cooperative  and shop for beautiful hand made gifts that support survivors, where we will offer  5 to 15 more years of sustenance for them and their families, by donating simple reading glasses that will allow these survivors to feed their family by being able to see the detailed weaving that is their livelihood. At $1 for a pair of glasses in the USA, it is incredible that these inexpensive basics, simply not available at any price in this country, can create many years of livelyhood for these craftswomen.

In the afternoon you will have a traditional lunch in a villager’s home.  We will drive back to Kigali inspired by the power of forgiveness and the inspiration of knowing that we have changed the course of many peoples lives today. As you drift off in your comfortable accommodation, you will feel the power of being a traveler with a purpose, not a tourist
Back to our hotel we will have the opportunity to get in 2 more CE Units via our podcast class.



DAY 3-4

Kigali - Akagera Game Park Safari & Boat Tour

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning as the dawn breaks, the beautiful rural landscapes of Akagera National Park will emerge. This miracle is Africa’s largest protected wetland. The area is dominated by swamps and small lakes from the River Kagera, creating a remarkable eco-system. On the way there, we’ll grab 2 CE Units with our podcast course while absorbing the views that surround.
We will go on on a boat safari tour of Lake Tanganyika. You will be surrounded by cultivated hills and be able to spot elephants, zebras and giraffes up close.
Tonight  Ruzizi Tented Lodge will be our home. This quiet intimate retreat powered entirely by solar will rejeauvinate you mind and body.
The next afternoon we will go on an adventurous game drive and view the natural habitat of creatures ranging from baboons to Mongoose to hippos to crocodiles. The highlands, lakes, and papyrus swamps allow for the diversity in wildlife.
We will then drive back to Kigali and arrive for dinner. Our stay is at Hotel Chez Lando, a fresh and vibrant home away from home.

On the forth day, during the day we’ll complete 2 CE Units.


Kigali - Lake Kivu - Cup tour / Banana market - Volcanoes

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning we will complete an interactive 3 CE Units and then jet off to our adventures!

We will go to Kinunu Island for a ‘From Crop to Cup’ Lake Kivu coffee experience to discover some of Africa’s best gourmet coffee. After learning about the coffee creation process from plantations we will enjoy a warm cup of coffee and lunch. We will then proceed by boat to Rubavu, a waterfront town with an easygoing tropical character. There we will explore the banana market – a unique experience where people all over town come to pick up homegrown bananas.
In the later afternoon, we will arrive at Nirvana Hotel at the shores of Lake Kivu.

Volcanoes National Park

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

This day you will choose from one of the three activities:
(1) Gorilla Trekking – one of the highlights of Rwanda. A rare opportunity to support local economies, witness a fascinating creature, and deter poaching. While this is a no brainer, the $1,500 price tag for the adventure does deter some travelers.
(2) Golden Monkey Trekking (the ‘Old world monkey’). Learn about the unique characteristics of these creatures, from the yellow patches on their bodies to the upwards facing nostrils on their noses.
(3) Volunteering at the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund Museum. Receive a behind the scenes look at conservation.

We will meet in the lobby for 2 CE Units and then get ready for a great dinner.

We will stay overnight at the beautiful Five Volcanoes Boutique Hotel.

Kigali Airport

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Optional: If you’re an early riser you can explore the Kimironko Market in the morning anytime between 6-9am. Then we will drive to the Kigali airport and either depart for Tanzania or your home destination. If you are continuing for our Tanzania adventure, we pick up the international airfare to Tanzania!

For the rest of us, we will travel to Medan, getting in 2 CE Units on our podcasts while flying. We’ll arrive in the evening.

Day by Day Itinerary

Days 7-15 Tanzania Safari [MAIN PACKAGE - $3495] Day by Day Itinerary

For the next 8 days we will be in Tanzania, the land of safaris. Wildlife, fascinating cultures, beaches, and the unbelievable Ngorongoro Crater. Unlike so many safaris today, this will truly bring you into an “Out Of Africa” experience as we go deep into the bush in true Tented Safari camps, replete with the luxuries you would still expect. Elephants make their way amongst the migrational routes, Black Rino make their appearance, while thousands of wildebeest attempt dangerous river crossings. Enjoy hospitality from the welcoming Maasai warriors, spend a day with the last hunter and gatherers on earth, and learn the rhythms of the traditional dance.

JRO – Arusha Town

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

You will arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and then have the opportunity to meet and greet your fellow travelers. We will then transport you to the charming Arumeru Lodge.

For the rest of us, we will travel to Medan, getting in 2 CE Units on our podcasts while flying. We’ll arrive in the evening.


Arusha town - Arusha National park walking safari

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast we will take our packed lunches to Arusha National park, a popular destination for longer circuit safaris. An armed ranger will be with us as we embark on a safe but thrilling walking safari, where you will see a rich variety of wildlife. giraffes, buffalo, and zebras will likely be a stone’s throw away.

We will then head back to Arumeru River Lodge for a sumptuous dinner. On the way, we will listen to another engaging lesson and grab 2 more CE Units.


Arusha town – Tarangaire National park

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our drive will be full of rugged beauty as we travel from Arusha towards Serengeti to the Tarangire National park, famous for its prolific elephants. The park has a lot of migratory movement because of its huge Tarangire ecosystem. You will go on a full day game drive, experiencing the lush and diverse terrain and wide variety of animals.
Overnight we will stay at Manyara Wildlife Camp, which is nestled overlooking the Lake Manyara Park.  Get in 2 CE Units after a sumptuous meal. 
DAY 10

Manyara – Lake Eyasi

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After breakfast we will drive to Lake Eyasi for the Hadzabe tribe – one of the last hunter gatherer tribes in Tanzania – and experience their way of life. Get in 1 CE Unit via the podcast as you journey.

Afterwards we will visit the Datoga tribe, and you will marvel at their blacksmith experience. The Datoga tribe create everything from arrowheads to jewelry with spare metal, some handmade instruments, and a hole in the ground.

We will eat dinner and stay overnight at Bashay Rift Lodge. There will be an optional 2 unit CEU group course for those who need them.
DAY 11

Ngorongoro crater – Serengeti National Park

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We will leave early after breakfast for Ngorongoro crater, the largest un-flooded and unbroken caldera in the world. The crater formed 3 million years ago from a large volcanic explosion.
After lunch we will have a game en-route towards the mighty Serengeti park. we will make camp at Olduvai Camp, luxurious tent in the bush, surrounded by the rich vegetation and animal life of the area. After Dinner get 3 credits with our group study
DAY 12-13

Full game drives into the Serengeti

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

These two days and nights will make memories that will be with you forever as we game drive into the heart of the Serengeti. As we approach Seronera we will likely have an opportunity to see a member of the large population of felines s (lions, leopards, cheetahs) that inhabit this part of the Serengeti. In the afternoon we will settle into Ronjo Camp, readying ourselves for an evening game drive if so inclined. Our home for the next couple days is Ronjo Camp. This camp is the perfect jumping off point to see the migration this time of year. This seasonal camp is true safari, with the benefit of in suite restrooms and plenty of hot water. At night you will hear the wildlife around you, staying connected to wilds you have traveled so far to be in. Catch 4 units per day (8 units total): three during the afternoon break in between safaris and one after dinner.

DAY 14

Walking Safari

This morning will be an early departure for a walking safari with a guide who will share the local fauna.
After 2 – 3 hours of hiking, you will have a breakfast in the bush, complete with tables and linen!

As we arrive to Grumeti hills, we will check in and you can slip into the swimming pool and the nice spa. This is a lovely reset after our adventures in the bush.


We will get in 2 units of group CEUs by the pool, and there will still be time in the day for a short cultural excursion to Mugumu, Ikomacastle.

The fun is not over. Get ready for a night safari between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm.
During a night safari, we observe different unique species such as galagos, genette, chive and others such as hyenas, leopards, elephants…
Dinner and overnight at Grumeti Hills.

DAY 15

Morning Game en-route to the airstrip and fly out to JRO or post-extension trip

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We will do a game en-route to the airstrip. Get in 1 more CE Unit self study at the airport. For those traveling home you will depart from JRO to your own destination. Otherwise you will be traveling to Zanzibar. As this is an extension we will assist in helping you with airfare to Zanzibar from JRO (around $400).

Day by Day Itinerary

Days 15-19 Zanzibar [POST-EXTENSION TRIP - $1895 including flight] Day by Day Itinerary

Zanzibar archipelago is a beach paradise in the idyllic Indian Ocean. It has been the hub for intrepid explorers, big game hunters, and spice merchants for hundreds of years. The country is comprised of several small islands just off the east coast of Africa. Few places are as exotic and entrancing as this equatorial utopia.

DAY 15


Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Once you land in Zanzibar in the afternoon, we will embark on an fascinating tour of Old Town . After breakfast, you will be collected by our knowledgeable and informative guide and go on a half day tour of Stone Town, a mystical town that is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar. The tour is a historical and cultural journey dedicated to the discovery of the ancient life of this mysterious city. Some of the historical sites you will visit include, the market, the historic fort, and the old slave market.


After this tour, we will sample – some fantastic seafood at a great local restaurant.
With a full day behind us, we will drive to our magical hotel overlooking the ocean .  It offers tropical scented gardens, recreational lounges, and bars. You will stay this peaceful hotel for the rest of your nights in Zanzibar. The island is an enchanting destination, a melting pot of cultures combining Indian, Arabic and African customs and traditions.  Get in 1 more CE Unit via the podcast as you journey.



DAY 16

Zanzibar beach-Nuncwii

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Finally, a day of sleeping in. Today you have an option of just relaxing at your gorgeous white sandy beach, alternatively you can decide indulge in some activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, swim with the dolphins, shopping, sunset cruise, and many sport activities.( additional costs). Pristine surroundings await, from white sandy beaches to breathtaking sunsets. Round off your day at the lounge bar with its comfortable ambiance.


For those in need of more units, join in the morning for a 2-hour, 4 CE Unit course.

DAY 17

Active at the Zanzibar beach - nungwi

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

This morning we will dive into the Bathtub warm crystal clear waters heading out on a morning snorkle tour to the famous Mnemba Atoll while the water is calm and the visibility is astounding. You may even get a chance to get a visit with a pod of dolphins!


We will depart the underwater world of Zanzibar and head to Mnarania Quarium. This organization is the biggest Marine turtle conservation lagoon on Zanzibar. We will learn about turtle conservation and perhaps have a chance to release some of the hatchlings into the sea!  Get in 1 more CE Unit via the podcast as you journey.


Dinner is on us at a great seaside restaurant.

DAY 18

Relax at the beach

Meals: Breakfast & Dinner

Today is a day of pure relaxation day or your option to explore the spice tour/cooking class (Optional), This half day tour is a great option if you want to learn and see more of this intriguing island and catch the market in the AM. Other optional adventures await, TBD.

DAY 19


Meals: Breakfast & Lunch

After a final swim in these warm crystal clear waters, you can get in some last minute shopping before our driver will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you back to stone Town, on arrival you will proceed to the airport where you will board your scheduled flight.

Day by Day Itinerary

What's Included

Nightly Accommodations

Almost all Meals!

Transportation & Fees:

  • Airport Transfers
  • All privately-guided tours as stated
  • All Ground Transportation
  • All entrance fees to sights
  • All taxes included

Game Park fees

intra Africa airfare if adding on extensions

What's Not Included

Personal items & equipment


  • visa obtained upon arrival

International Airfare:

  • We are happy to help you arrange flights (Rwanda to Tanzania included)

Gratuities & Donations:

  • Tips for local guides, chauffeur,  tour guide, etc. (recommend $5/day)
  • Additional donations to nonprofits

(optional: School supplies, shoes, clothing, money)

  • Optional excursions and activities

(see itinerary below for opportunities)

Travel Insurance (required)

Gorilla Trekking (optional)

Your Own room:

Rwanda: add $400

Tanzania: Add $450

Zanzabar: Add $400


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"DO IT!!! Steve, Jud and Tom, our guides were the best hosts and had crazy knowledge about where the best places were. Spectacular and breath taking!"

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"I have had the great pleasure of participating in two tours with Destination Earth. One was on the Big Island and one was on Kauai. Both tours were beyond amazing. The leaders Steve and Jud were experienced, professional, organized and great fun to be with. The accommodations were great and perfectly situated. The chef prepared local cuisine and was amenable to personal preferences. Overall, both experiences were wonderful. I felt safe at all times and appreciated the camaraderie and flexibility of the guides."

Kieth K.


"Jud and Steve did a fabulous job on my recent tour with them to Myanmar and Sumatra. They really listen carefully to our desires and are open to making any adjustments in their planned itinerary to give everybody everything they want to experience. For example, the main reason I signed up for the trip was to photograph the ancient temples in Bagan. Well, following a less than stellar sunset shoot at the temples on our last night due to weather, even though we were flying out about 10 AM the next morning, they scrambled and put together a sunrise shoot that turned out to be mind blowing incredible! I’m so thankful for that ?? and it remains as one of my top two memories of the trip. All along the way we stayed very comfortably in great hotels and ate wonderful local food. So, thanks guys, we’ll definitely do it again!"