Nurse Tour of Cambodia and Sumatra: CME/CEU on the Forgotten Continent

Mostly Inclusive • 15 Days

We appreciate the difference nurses make.

We look forward to taking Nurses on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing the gift of giving back to the world. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to earn 25 CE Units towards your continuing education along the way. Amazing? We think so, too!

Here’s what’s in store for you on this adventure:


Why Take Continuing Education Courses With Destination Earth?Continuing Education (CE) Benefits

  • We provide the perfect mix of self-study CE courses and group CE lessons during your vacation. Learn what you are interested in during self-study, and efficiently move through course work in our fun group environment.
  • Complete 25 to 30 units in half the time with our efficiently guided courses!
  • Support good causes: We will discover this area’s hidden secrets while contributing to its sustainability by working with great non profits.
  • An intimate, small group experience: Two knowledgeable guides and no more than 15 guests assure you a very special trip.

  • Get a paid vacation: Many employers offer allowances of $1,000 to $4,000 per year toward continuing education, including travel expenses. Check your benefits package to see how much of your adventure will be free!
  • Paid time off: Get paid like you were working while having fun and earning CE Credits! Most employers will pay between 20 and 50 hours per year for continuing education. Check your benefits package to see how much paid time off you can apply toward your adventure!
  • Tax Deductible: Contact your tax advisor to find out how much of your adventure travel may be eligible as a tax-deductible expense!**
  • Complete all requirements in style: No more seminars in stuffy corporate environments. Cover up to 30 units of CE while having the experience of a lifetime!
  • We help you succeed: By working with Destination Earth, you will have support to complete all of your course requirements with ease. We dedicate plenty of time on our trips to take all needed courses and complete the tests to receive your credits. You’ll even complete credits while en route to our exciting daily adventures, and you’ll be surrounded by other adventurous nurses to discuss topics and assist each other in an inspiring setting.

Absorb the whole experience for just $3,995! Or join us for just Cambodia at $2,295 (Single Supplement + $399), or Sumatra for as little as $2,495 (Single Supplement + $649) (depending on budget and time constraints). Includes individual licenses for Nursing Continuing Education components. For more information, please contact us.

February 28 - March 13, 2024

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Activity Level: Challenging  

Altruism Index: 5  

Service Level: Experiential  

Group Size: Min 6 pax, Max 15 pax  

Travel Experience: Mixed Bag  

Trip Highlights:  

About the Guides

Jud Yaski is an adventure veteran with over 22 years of international travel, extreme sports, and corporate hospitality under his belt. Jud has traveled throughout South East Asia, Hawaii and South America for the last 20 years. His love for these countries and its peoples, along with inside knowledge through months of travel to each location are reflected in the extraordinary adventures he will be sharing with you.


Day by Day Itinerary

Sumatra and Cambodia.

Get ready to journey through two amazing countries!

Travel like a local in this unique adventure that is simply not offered elsewhere. We spent weeks on the ground on multiple scouting trips to create something truly exceptional. We discovered 4-star boutique properties not bookable online, sourced the best restaurants in the countries, and enlisted engaging local guides that bring you into the heart of these entrancing regions. We have created trekking itineraries guaranteed to put you face to face with Orangutans in a natural but safe environment, while engaging in projects to save this critically endangered species. Help villagers, children, plant trees, and earn CE Credits along the way! This custom curated intimate adventure is open to no more than 15 guests in order to maintain authenticity and build community.


Join our cause and treat yourself to a one of a kind luxury giving back experience that will change your life forever!


Days 1 - 2 The temples and beyond 8 Day Cambodia mostly inclusive Pre-Extension: $2,195 (if not combined with Sumatra) Day by Day Itinerary

Cambodia offers the largest Buddhist temple monument in the world, incredible food, and nonprofits where we can make a huge impact. Dive in and prepare to have all your senses engaged.

Days 1-2: Angkor Wat and Beyond
Explorations of Angkor Wat, amazing meals and 4-star hotels. Visit artist orphanages, fly over temples in hot air balloons, and get ready for a journey to a very special village.

Day 1 Destination

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Arrive at Siem Reap

Day 2 Destination

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Explore the temples


Arrive in Siem Reap

Meals: Dinner

On arrival into the great Kingdom of Cambodia (Siem Reap International, REP) we’ll be escorted to our charming boutique hotel in the center of town. The remainder of the day will be at leisure to rest up before the fun starts tomorrow. Dinner is on your own but feel free to join our tour leader at one of our favorite spots to eat as a group.

The afternoon is free to explore the city, shop, and rest up from the travel. Our private escort will be on hand to explore the city with the group. This is your day to catch up and rest, go shopping, and enjoy this spectacular city.

At our welcome dinner this evening you will meet fellow nurse travelers and volunteers, and we’ll go over our volunteer adventure.


Transfer from airport (Included)


A Day of Majestic Temples

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

After a healthy breakfast, we’re off to some of the most famous temples in the world! Our guide will take us through 2,000 years of history, with commentary on past and present, throughout the world-renowned Angkor Wat Temple complex. We will see Ancient jungle temples and sacred statues of many giant Buddha faces. Lunch will be enjoyed local style, and then off to more ancient sites.


Angkor Wat, the main temple, was built in the early 12th century, but then disappeared in the jungle after the Khmer kingdom abandoned the temples 2 centuries later. The temples were rediscovered in 1861 and today are one of the greatest ancient cultural sites in the world.


After the temple tour, we will stop at a creative orphanage where they have managed to become self-sufficient through selling amazing art that the children create. Spend some time browsing their art, playing with the kids, and perhaps you will even come home with a very special art piece!

Next, we’ll witness the sunset on the great temple complex from high above in a very safe yet exhilarating tethered balloon ride; or for those who prefer – from the safety of solid temple bricks or a traditional floating river boat along an ancient moat. In addition to amazing views, you will gain an immediate understanding of the lay of the land.


For those who want the ultimate experience: you may take an optional 45 minute hot air balloon flight, gliding effortlessly above this majestic land as the sun slips below the temple peaks. (Price & more details TBA)


Tonight, we reconvene for a delicious welcome dinner at New Hope. This grass roots, rapidly growing Non-Government Organization (NGO) focuses on ‘free education for all,’ as the founder’s recognition of the vital role education plays a role in helping break the cycle of poverty. New Hope’s activities and programs address the daily issues facing families in crisis situations and, at the same time, find ways to work toward a better future. Aside from a school, health center, computer center, & music room, they have a fantastic restaurant that gets children off the street and teaches them the skills needed to be hired in the hospitality industry. The food is delicious!


The night ends back at our quaint, boutique hotel, to be greeted by an in-room masseur to work out our travel-weary muscles (included).

Day by Day Itinerary

Days 3 - 7: forgotten temples and the circus Day by Day Itinerary

Explorations of the original Angkor style temples from King Jayamaran IV. These temples are hours away from the hustle and bustle of Angkor, but just as majestic in their own right, minus the tourists. We are often the only ones climbing amongst these ancient ruins which was the original capitol of Cambodia.


Then to the Circus! Join us for a touching story and unbelievable feats, both of social programs and of human will and training as these formerly street kids out perform many Cirque Du Soleil acts.

Day 3 Destination

Koh Ker, Cambodia

Beyond the temples

Day 4 Destination

Koh Ker, Cambodia

Explore the "City of Temples"

Day 5 Destination

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The circus: great food and entertainment, Cambodian style

day 6

Tonlé Sap, Cambodia

The Great Lake Of Cambodia


At One With the People

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today will be another extraordinary experience! We’ll explore an area in the remote Cambodian countryside seen by few travelers and experience a special day of interaction with local school children. On the way there, we’ll grab 2 CE Units with our podcast course while absorbing the views that surround. Enjoy some road-side goodies along the way as we sample local cuisine. This is a great chance to have a truly local experience having some traditional coffee and desserts at a “locals only” roadside coffee shop.


We will soon arrive at a small, very rustic school that is greatly in need of supplies. The children of this school are eager to learn English and about the world outside Cambodia. After we donate to the school and take some group pictures with the kids, we will continue on to a village where we built a foot bridge in 2011, a new school kitchen in 2013, a library in 2015, and fixed over 100 bikes in 2017. This year’s project is still in the works and we’ll announce the exciting details to all those signed up in the coming months.


The villagers welcome visitors with enthusiasm, since so few travelers make it out to their rural home. Enjoy a gourmet lunch at our “tree house like home” before an afternoon filled with amazing photography opportunities and exploration with our guides! We will witness the sunset from atop the awe-inspiring Koh Ker temple, and we will take a short stroll to our home, within earshot of this ancient wonder. Another home cooked meal awaits for dinner before settling down under a blanket of bright stars with few lights to dull them away.

*For one night only we will be staying at this rural village in a unique open-air house on stilts built just for us. This is not a hotel. There are two shared outhouses with toilets and a separate building to take bucket showers. The open-air sleeping space is communal and all beds are queen size with mosquito nets. Solar panels provide electricity for lights and a few communal plug outlets. While this portion is not luxury, it is why you have come across the planet: to live and breathe life in a rural Cambodian village. We will use the portable projector and earn 2 CE Units before bed.


CE Units: 2


The Unseen Temples and Giving Back

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Wake up to the sounds of the village, witnessing village life in a way you never could from the high-rise windows of an insulated hotel. You will be immersed life as it was perhaps two thousand years ago. This is truly a dream come true for photographers, want to be anthropologists, and lovers of native cultures.


This morning we will be working on a meaningful project that will impact the lives of these people for years to come. We will join the Ponheary Ly Foundation to support their fantastic project, transforming the lives of hundreds of impoverished Cambodian children. We will be working on a first aid clinic to help train teachers on basic first aid and early detection of some of the most common diseases.


After a hearty breakfast is served, We will take a morning walk through this untouched village to visit to the school. You will get to play with the kids, and take a first-hand look at the important projects we have helped build. We will then have a chance to contribute, and those who wish to can will give a little of their time to finish a project that your trip costs helped fund.


Destination earth gives $1,500 of its revenue on every journey to fund a project that transforms people’s lives. Of course, you are always welcome to contribute additionally if you feel inspired.


We will reconvene at our stilt home for a goodbye lunch and start exploring the original Angkor temples. These Temples are just as amazing as the Angkor ruins, and we will likely have them all to ourselves! This is the first of the great temple complexes built before the capitol was moved to Siem Reap. The temple has been taken over by jungle vegetation and is quite exotic. After a great photography session exploring the ruins, we will bid farewell to our friends at the village and make our way back to our charming hotel in Siem Reap. During the journey we’ll complete 1 or 2 CE Units.


Tonight, grab a great dinner at a local restaurant with the group (optional) or just rest up at our 4-star boutique hotel with deep gratitude for all that we have been blessed with.


If you have 7 minutes and interest in our causes, I think you will be deeply moved by this interview with the founders of Ponheary Ly Foundation during one of our project visits.


CE Units: 1 – 3


Amazing Options & an Evening at the Circus!

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Today we have options:


For those that couldn’t get enough of the most amazing temples in the world, we’ll set up a transfer for you to head back to Angkor Wat for more time at the temples.


Other options include a cooking class, shopping, volunteering at one of the local nonprofits we work with, exploring the markets, or just plain relaxing. There will also be a full day optional excursion to the largest waterfall with the largest Buddha statue in the region overlooking it. (Optional activity prices & more details TBA.)


In the morning we will complete an interactive 3 CE Units and then jet off to our adventures!


This evening you’ll reconvene with the tribe. We will treat you to a unique and wonderful award-winning circus composed of kids in need that have been trained in the circus arts. Each act shares a story meaningful to the struggles and history of these amazing people. The money goes to help the causes of Phare, the Social enterprise that runs it.


CE Units: 3


The Great Lake Of Cambodia

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Tonle Sap is Cambodia’s greatest lake. Its size changes with the yearly rains from 1860 square miles to 4500 square miles! We will explore the lake by boat and visit stilted floating villages, including Kampong Khleang. Observe the wonders of rural Khmer life where the locals live on the lake, literally. An ethereal canoe ride through a floating forest will show off this area’s beauty. A tasty lunch will be served at a river restaurant on stilts!


Come back to the hotel to rest and rejuvenate after our lake exploration. We will meet in the lobby for 2 CE Units and then get ready for a great dinner. This evening we’ll enjoy a fabulous dining experience to celebrate the unforgettable adventure we’ve had in Cambodia, and wrap up the first part of our journey with another massage before bed! (included)


CE Units: 2


Farewell to Cambodia

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

This morning we will be transferred to Siem Reap Airport to fly to Medan.

Onwards to Sumatra! Bid farewell to this diverse land for now. After this trip of a lifetime we’re sure you’ll be back!


For those of you leaving for home, we will provide an airport transfer from Siem Reap.


For the rest of us, we will travel to Medan, getting in 2 CE Units on our podcasts while flying. We’ll arrive in the evening.


Our first meal of Indonesian Cuisine will be very unique. This bustling town is famous for unique indo-chinese seafood eateries. We will enjoy a unique and wonderfully local experience before heading back to our hotel for an early night’s rest so we are ready for our journey to Bukit Lawang: the gateway to the land of the Orangutans at the entrance to the magical Gunung Leuser National Park.


CE Units: 2

Day by Day Itinerary

Days 8-15: From the Jungle to Calderas- 8 Day Sumatra mostly inclusive Extension: $2,395 (if not combined with Cambodia) Day by Day Itinerary

From helping endangered Orangutans up close and personal, to rafting (safely) down the great Bahorok river, prepare for an adventure of a lifetime! We are now off to a place less traveled, and not to be found on a group travel itinerary . . . until now! We limit this section of our trip to 15 people in order to tread lightly, move swiftly, and be a tribe, not a herd.


Sumatra is one of the most incredible destinations I have visited, and that being said, if you are looking for guaranteed creature comforts behind the safety of your hotel room glass window, you will be much better off in Singapore than Sumatra. However, if you are willing to tread off the beaten track down bumpy roads and charming but sometimes rustic boutique hotels, your sense of adventure will be rewarded a thousand-fold!

Day 8-11 Destination

Medan, Medan City, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Into the Jungle!

Day 12-13 Destination

Berastagi, Gundaling II, Karo Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia

The Land of Volcanos

Day 14-15

Samosir, Samosir Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Lake Toba


Welcome to the Jungle!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

In the morning, our bus will be waiting to whisk us off into the magical jungle. On our way we will stop for a sumptuous local roadside lunch to break up the ride before arriving at our jungle hideaway in the afternoon. On the way we will listen to another engaging lesson and grab 2 more CE Units.


After we arrive and get settled in to our hand-crafted boutique jungle hideaway, you will have time to rest and recharge. Then we will enjoy dinner at our local guide’s home and restaurant as he shares the amazing story of the Orangutans, and how human impact is both saving and endangering them.


CE Units: 2


Encounter with Orangutans

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

We awake to the gentle roar of the great roar of Bohorok river that once swept away this small village many years ago. They are still recovering from this catastrophic flood. We will spend a day (or two) of adventure, connecting with a critically endangered primate known as the Orang-utan (“forest man” in Indonesian), as well as a chance to see a gibbon, or perhaps a Thomas leaf monkey. Keep your eyes open for a chance to spot giant water lizards. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!


For those in great shape, we will take a 2 day, overnight trek deep into the heart of the jungle, staying at a riverside camp (optional), falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle around you. In the morning you will visit a beautiful waterfall and then raft back home!


For the rest of us, we will enjoy a challenging but manageable 3 hour hike where we will have an opportunity to engage with these stunning creatures and then enjoy a white water rafting trip back to town on a fun, yet safe, river.


You will likely see Thomas leaf monkeys, macaws, and of course our orange-haired primate cousins! There is nothing more inspiring and powerful than coming face to face with a “forest man”. When you see their expressions and their movements, you can’t help but realize these critically endangered beings are indeed just a few chromosomes away from us.


Those on the day hike will have time to meet the ridiculously friendly locals, perhaps singing a song by one of the many fireside gatherings along the river, or sipping a cocktail at one of the friendly guest houses. Bukit Lawang isn’t just about “doing.” It is a place where locals meld with travelers. This is not a tour bus destination. We will be one of the very few small groups that come here every year. You will have an opportunity to slow down and blend in, really absorbing the fantastic and welcoming Indonesian culture and people.


We encourage you to get pulled in to a fireside jam, or take a group of locals and western travelers (who have probably been on the road for months) up on a drink. In fact, you will find it hard to walk down the street without being invited in to one of the many gatherings that spontaneously evolve in the cafes and along the riverside in this very special village. Tonight those of us who are doing the day trek will have dinner at a charming local restaurant and will have time after to sing popular songs with the locals and backpackers or just enjoy the serenity of your jungle hideaway.

DAY 10

Tubing Adventure & Cultural Experience

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Those of us who did the day hike will enjoy a day of discovery around the region. We will start with a Becak ride (a motorcycle rickshaw taxi) to a tofu making shop, a palm sugar distillery, donate supplies at a local school, and then head back to the river front for rest and relaxation and 3 more CE Units in a group lesson.


For those who are on the two-day jungle trek, your morning will be spent on a fun filled 1-hour rafting ride back to town where you will have the day free to clean up and rest, going through your stunning images of orangutans, Thomas Leaf, and macaw monkeys. You may even have a chance to encounter a harmless but impressive 4-foot-long monitor lizard!


We will then all come together for a great dinner at Bukit Eco Lodge, a marvel of bamboo architecture. If you have the energy, join us for a fireside gathering with locals and learn some of their jungle games and sing songs!


CE Units: 3

DAY 11

A Day To Rest, Re-charge, and Give Back

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

This morning, enjoy sleeping in, shopping at the local craft stalls, and just being in this peaceful paradise.


For those in need of more units, join in the morning for a 2-hour, 4 CE Unit course. While being immersed in the jungle, we will have internet to take our online test after the course and effortlessly knock out more CE credits while strengthening your skillset.


For lunch we will walk down a forest path to visit a very special nonprofit. Saskia and her husband have dedicated their lives to helping orphans after the flood destroyed the town and ended many lives.


A decade later, they are still committed to helping the underprivileged, with or without parents. Their school allows many children to get an education they would not otherwise get. Aside from a fabulous buffet, you will hear a touching story and see how one (or two) people really CAN make a difference.


Speaking of making a difference – after lunch, we will continue down the trail until we get to a hill where we are engaging in an important program we are helping develop: Planting fruit trees in the jungle.


Planting fruit trees keeps the critically endangered orangutans from eating other crops in nearby farmer’s villages. The farmers are losing their livelihood and might kill the primates in order to save their farms. Our efforts should help to significantly remove that pressure.


After a couple hours of planting, the refreshing river just below will serve as our swimming pool.


The rest of the evening will be open again to have some time and space to soak it all in before continuing on to more adventures.


CE Units: 4

DAY 12

To the Land of Volcanoes

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Our bus will pick us up after a great breakfast, bright and early, and take us on an exciting adventure to a volcanic town, known for calderas, hot springs, and street food. On our way we will have the opportunity to get in 2 more CE Units via our podcast class.

We will stop and enjoy lunch at a panoramic restaurant, then arrive in a few short hours in the volcanic town of Berastagi. We will witness a ghost village deserted by the danger of volcanic eruptions, a volcano monitoring center, and a great local market.

The evening culminates in a sumptuous culinary adventure “Anthony Bourdain style,” as we sample the generous offerings of savory (and sweet) street food the little town serves up. We may even be lucky enough to be serenaded by an amazing local street band.


CE Units: 2

DAY 13

Scaling Volcanos and Soaking in Hot Springs

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

This very early morning is worth getting up for. For those in great shape who are ready to hike up a mountain before sunrise (optional), your efforts will be rewarded as you witness the glow from local active Sinabung volcano from atop mount Sibayak, capturing images and memories from the spectacular surroundings. You may even be lucky enough to witness an eruption from the not-too-distant caldera.


For those not ready to hike up a crater at dawn, you will get to meet us in the morning for a soak in the healing waters of a local hot spring with 7 wonderful pools, all of different temperatures; one of the benefits of an active volcano!


Once we have returned to our hotel to enjoy breakfast, we will jump onto our bus and continue on towards the largest volcanic lake in the world. On our way we will stop at Dokan village and see the king’s grave and waterfall (time pending) on the way. Get in 1 more CE Unit via the podcast as you journey.

We will savor a local roadside lunch, and soon be at the shores of the largest volcanic lake in the world: ancient Lake Toba, where a private ferry will be awaiting us to take us to the island of Samosir: a Singapore-size island in the middle of the sunken caldera that is now a great lake. At our charming waterfront bungalow, we will have the rest of the day at leisure to swim in the pool and explore the town after a very full day. We will enjoy another great meal at one of the excellent eateries in this cute one-street town.

CE Units: 1

DAY 14

Samosir: A Day of Exploration and History

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

oday we will get to relax while learning about this fascinating culture. We will charter a private, colorful boat that will take us on a journey through the lake and through time. We will see ancient stone chairs where chiefs decided the fate of criminals, tombs of kings, traditional dancing, an island of egrets, and enjoy a great BBQ on the boat complete with swimming and sunbathing. Let’s not forget a chance for shopping at local craft markets!


Our last night’s dinner will be one you won’t forget. Enjoy a traditional meal at a charming local restaurant overlooking the lake, where we will have a private musical group serenading us during the meal. For those who are still up for more fun on our last night at the lake, come on down to Roy’s where you can sing karaoke like you never have before . . . With a live band backing you! They’re surprisingly talented!

DAY 15

The Journey Comes to and End, but not without Giving Back!

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

As the sun rises, a breakfast at our lovely hotel will be waiting before we make our way toward the airport.  First, we’ll depart our island paradise and head to the Harapanjaya Rehabilitation Center, where we will be seeing the life changing work we contributed to. We will travel by bus, completing our last CE Unit on the way.


This amazing center is supported by nonprofits and allows kids with illnesses and injuries to get help they would never otherwise have. Today we will visit with the children whose lives we ultimately helped save through sponsoring the Cleft Palate Surgery Program before the trip. We will also get a tour of this impressive facility, seeing some of the children we helped save, and have a chance to donate more to the programs they support if we’re interested. After this moving experience, we will have a goodbye lunch to celebrate our once-in-a-lifetime experience together. Then, we’ll hop on the bus for the ride back to the airport where we will catch our flights home. Farewell to this off-the-path, hidden jewel of Indonesia. You now have an exciting island checked off your bucket list that not many people have had the opportunity to experience.



For those of you interested in our 5-day extension to enjoy some down-time at beautiful beaches, ask us about the Pula Wei Hidden Sumatran island extension.


**75.00 USD per person of the total Sumatra trip cost below will be donated toward our cleft palate surgery program for underprivileged children in Sumatra. We are not a 501-c3 registered in the USA and therefore the 75.00 USD might not be able to be used as a tax write off. Please do consult your accountant/tax professional for more information if interested.


CE Units: 1

Day by Day Itinerary

What's Included

Nightly Accommodations

Most Meals Included! (see itinerary for details)

Transportation & Fees:

  • Airport Transfers
  • All privately-guided tours as stated
  • All ground transportation
  • All entrance fees to sights
  • All taxes included


  • 3 in-room massages

CEU: Facilitators***

to guide the group through the group CE courses, plus ALL course material

What's Not Included

Personal items & equipment


Sumatra visa must be obtained upon arrival

Gratuities & Donations:

  • Tips for local guides, chauffeur,  tour guide, etc. (recommend $5/day)
  • Additional donations to nonprofits

(optional: School supplies, shoes, clothing, money)

  • Optional excursions and activities

(see itinerary below for opportunities)

Travel Insurance (required)

Additional Resources


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