Our Projects

Past Projects

Computer Program!

Benefiting: ConCERT

We have donated two computers to the program which assists the Treak community center's computer program (one of the affiliates) so that children have the opportunity to make a living wage.
If you have any laptop computer that you would be wiling to donate, please contact us and we will deliver them to the school on our next trip if you are not able to join us in person.

Final Result

Children learn computer skills that create opportunities for future paying jobs.

Supporting a support system

Benefiting: Pnheary Ly Foundation

We donated a kitchen that feeds hundreds of children every day, supplying the only guaranteed nourishing meal these children will see each day.

Final Result

New prosthetics, health support and education.

School Bridge Project

Benefiting: The Ponheary Ly Foundation

With the help of travelers like you, Destination Earth facilitated the building of the bridge to allow Children to get to school by crossing a dangerous river during monsoon season. This school is not only for education, but is the source of the only nourishing meal these children have in a day.

Final Result

Successful in building the bridge. Children now have access to school year-round.

Siem Reap Orphanage

Benefiting: Siem Reap Orphanage

We stop here on every trip and purchase a few hundred dollars worth of art from them as well as donate art supplies to the school/orphanage. A Cambodian man and his wife started this small organization in 2003.

They manage to be self sufficient through selling the amazing art that the children create. Some of the kids we have met and supported here are now going to college, have great jobs, and come back to donate their time and skills. Spend some time browsing their art, playing with the kids, and perhaps you will even come home with a very special art piece!

Final Result

Through sales of their unique art, the orphanage will receive new funds that will allow them to buy new clothes and books.

Clinic for Cleft

Benefiting: Harapanjaya Rehabilitation Center

This amazing center is supported by non profits and helps kids with illnesses and injuries to get assistance they would never been able to find otherwise. We helped save the lives of children at this clinic through sponsoring the Cleft Palette Surgery Program. Travelers are welcomed with a tour of this impressive facility, coming face to face with some of the children we helped save, and have a chance to donate more to the programs they support if interested.

Final Result

Children get to meet the benefactors who have contributed to their well-being and in some cases, saved their lives.

Current Projects

First Aid Program in a Cambodian Village

Benefiting: Cambodian Village Children

Destination Earth is seeking nurses to help design a first aid education program in a small under-resourced village in Cambodia!

Help us help schoolteachers learn how to respond to children’s basic health issues - from common diseases to fractured limbs to domestic abuse.

To share your thoughts and find out more ways you can help, here's a simple 90-second form that lets you share your thoughts or start a more in-depth conversation.

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