CME/CEU Adventures for Nurses

Escape on Amazing Adventures While Earning CME/CEU Credits!

We appreciate the difference nurses make. We look forward to taking you on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing the gift of giving back to the world. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn your continuing education with Accredited Courses credits along the way (course price and equipment included)! Amazing? We think so, too!


Why take a CME/CEU adventure with Destination Earth?

Get a paid vacation:
Many employers offer allowances of $1,000 to $4,000 per year toward continuing education, including travel expenses. Check your benefits package to see how much of your adventure will be free!
Paid time off:
Get paid like you were working while having fun and earning CE Credits! Most employers will pay between 20 and 50 hours per year for continuing education. Check your benefits package to see how much paid time off you can apply toward your adventure!
Tax Deductible:
Contact your tax advisor to find out how much of your adventure travel may be eligible as a tax-deductible expense!**
Complete all requirements in style:
No more seminars in stuffy corporate environments. Cover up to 30 units of CE while having the experience of a lifetime!
We help you succeed:
By working with Destination Earth, you will have support to complete all of your course requirements with ease. We dedicate plenty of time on our trips to take all needed courses and complete the tests to receive your credits. You’ll even complete credits while en route to our exciting daily adventures, and you’ll be surrounded by other adventurous nurses to discuss topics and assist each other in an inspiring setting.
Earn free trips:
Just invite your friends along and earn discounts, and even a free trip! We give credit where credit is due. Partner with us and bring your team on a private adventure. Groups of 10 or more nurses and one travels free!
Frequently Asked Questions
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CME/CEU Tour Examples:

Cambodia and Sumatra CE Tour : NOW BOOKING!

Our 2019 Cambodia and Sumatra Nurse Tour is tailored specifically to nurses who crave the best of ALL words: adventure, giving back, rejuvenation, and earning CME/CEU!

Explore exotic ancient temples, help save children, and get one-on-one with endangered primates through this intimate exploration and our unique “giving-back” adventures. Go to towns barely on the map and trek through an ancient jungle. Stay in villages and get pampered in 4-star luxury with nightly massages and almost all of your meals included!




African Safari CE Tour : NOW BOOKING!

Please stay tuned for the release of details of our upcoming African Safari Wildside Adventure, where Nurses can earn CME/CEU while enjoying a real African Safari experience! Bring FRIENDS & FAMILY on this special trip designed to give you the chance to earn your CME/CEU while sharing the adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones!

Get ready to take part in an authentic African experience. Observe wonderfully diverse flora and fauna like you’ve never seen before, while meeting the lovely people native to the area. This will be a week of fun and adventure!



Big Island Hawaii CE Tour (coming soon)

Please stay tuned for new upcoming dates for this wonderful CME/CEU Tour: beaches, volcanoes, jungles, and continuing education in paradise! Our trip to Hawaii is tailored specifically to nurses looking to earn credits while enjoying the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. We will devote a few mornings and afternoons to studying and classwork while the rest of the day is devoted to exploring and leisure. We’ve had wonderful feedback from nurses who’ve gone on this trip and think you will enjoy it as well! Who said learning can’t be fun?



Curious about a custom tour just for you and your co-workers, or friends and family? Its easier than you think to escape on a private life-changing adventure you will never forget! Don’t wait for an adventure when you can create your own!

Contact Us to explore the possibilities!