Corporate Programs - Incentive Travel for Employees

Destination Earth offers a truly unique incentive travel experience to businesses:

Incentive Travel for the Greater Good!


How about:

Encouraging and rewarding top performance

Appreciating employees who add value to your organization

with an adventure vacation that creates a positive impact

that will change employees’ lives and the lives of others?



So many businesses offer incentive programs for their dedicated employees that include lavish pampering and “corporate” style benefits. Why be average when you can treat your employees to something extraordinary? Incentive travel plans from Destination:Earth provide your employees with an experience they’ll never forget. Our overseas adventure travel plans take you off the beaten trail, and safely into the heart of each country for an authentic and life-changing experience. Tourist attractions in foreign countries don’t allow you to fully experience the beauty of different cultures. Destination:Earth takes you to the heart of the culture, and provides opportunities for adventure that your employees will be sure to thank you for.

Incentive Travel should reward your employees for their hard work while also providing them an avenue for reenergizing themselves and an opportunity to return home feeling better than ever! Incentive Travel with Destination:Earth is different because we combine the luxury of international travel with the joy of giving back to others. We want your employees to return to work grateful for their opportunity and filled with a revitalized spirit for their job! Your employees will be appreciative not only for you caring enough about them to provide incentive travel but also for finding an opportunity for them to grow as an individual through helping others.


Our incentive travel programs combine the best aspects of

a luxury travel experience + core values of humanitarian & sustainable travel


Support your hard-working employees to get a little personal rejuvenation – as they are wined, dined and pampered while making a difference to those in need around the world! Contact us for more information about our incentive travel plans.