Homes For All. Our local projects

Destination Earth is now working with local communities to bring villages back to America:

Eco Villages affordable by all!


Are you a government agency that is looking to create affordable housing? A non profit that needs a development partner? Let us help you create healthy functioning communities for at risk populations, FAST.



Starting as a socially responsible travel organization that has spearheaded a variety of social projects across the globe, we found something powerful in our travels. There is an ecosystem created in villages in many parts of the world that allows its members to survive and support each other in challenging economic and social environments.


We are committed to using tried and tested community models from the countries we visited to create an affordable, efficent, and sustainable housing model that builds an internal and external safety net for at risk populations. We build pride, community, and of course beautiful, comfortable housing that makes tenants . . . owners!


We are able to fight the housing crises by utilizing often unusable city-owned or other available lots and converting them into vibrant success stories to give those in need a new start. Using solar, self-contained septic systems, and other tools and technology, we are able to open up opportunities in just about every U.S. city to house hundreds and sometimes thousands affordably, and fast.


Our community model combines rapid housing systems from Park model RVs to container homes to create

a self sustaining community with core values of mutual support and development

By making small homes affordable to own, in concert with city, county and state programs, along with non profit partners, we are able to change the landscape of affordable housing from a tenant based system to a pride of ownership sustainable model. Please join us in making this change!