Eco-travel with Destination: Earth

Eco-travel is quickly becoming a popular way of traveling. Destination: Earth provides an opportunity for individuals and groups to explore the world in an eco-friendly way, and to step off the beaten path for an authentic adventure unlike any other. Skip the tourist traps and the over indulged cities for overseas adventure travel that focuses on preserving the environment while supporting local communities. Eco-travel is stress-free and life changing when you travel with the team at Destination: Earth. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-travel opportunities!


What is Eco-Travel?

Eco-travel essentially means to travel responsibly. Many times when people travel abroad, they visit destinations that have been overrun by tourists and thus the local environment has been completely destroyed. Eco-travel focuses on overseas adventure travel that improves and preserves the surrounding environment while enhancing the well-being of the local community. While improving the local environment, eco-travel also offers individuals a more authentic adventure experience with more opportunities to make lasting connections with the local people. Sustainability and Humanitarian travel are important to Destination: Earth and are reflected through each of our eco-travel adventures.


Benefits of Ecotourism

Taking a step away from the typical tourist aspects of international travel is a great way to experience authentic cultural immersion. Those who choose ecotourism destinations and adventures make a lasting impact on communities rather than furthering harm from tourist actions.

The benefits of Ecotourism include:


-Protect natural environments

-Benefit local economies

-Empower local communities

-Create authentic relationships

-Conserve local cultural and biological diversity

-Minimally impact local natural resources


Destination: Earth focuses on key areas of ecotourism in order to provide the best experience for our groups.

Humanitarian Travel: We strive to take the local population into consideration whenever and wherever we travel. Respect for local customs and culture, having a positive impact on the economy, uplifting and serving those in need, these are just a few considerations we take into account on every tour.

Sustainability: Ensures that we do not lessen the availability of resources and impede future travelers from enjoying the same experience. It also means we interact with the peoples we visit with awareness of our impact. Some best practices here.

Green Travel:  We strive to reduce negative impacts on the environment while traveling. Our tours and accommodations are environmentally friendly whenever possible. Examples include solar powered hotels, recyclable water systems, composting waste systems, & other renewable applications which help preserve and improve the environment.

At Destination Earth, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of eco-travel for our altruistic adventures. You can rest assured that while exploring with us, aspects of eco-travel and eco-tourism, humanitarian travel, & sustainability are at the core of your experience.

We invite you to Destination : Earth!

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