CE Credits FAQ

Earning CE Credits

We appreciate the difference nurses make. So, we look forward to taking you on the adventure of a lifetime while sharing the gift of giving back to the world. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn your continuing education credits along the way. Amazing? We think so, too!

Cambodia and Sumatra CE Tour : NOW BOOKING!

Our 2019 Cambodia and Sumatra Nurse Tour is tailored specifically to nurses who crave the best of ALL words: adventure, giving back, rejuvenation, and earning CME/CEU!


African Safari CE Tour (coming very soon)

Please stay tuned for the release of details of our upcoming African Safari Wildside Adventure, where Nurses can earn CME/CEU while enjoying a real African Safari experience! Bring FRIENDS & FAMILY on this special trip designed to give you the chance to earn your CME/CEU while sharing the adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones!



Get a paid vacation:
Many employers offer allowances of $1,000 to $4,000 per year toward continuing education, including travel expenses. Check your benefits package to see how much of your adventure will be free!
Paid time off:
Get paid like you were working while having fun and earning CE Credits! Most employers will pay between 20 and 50 hours per year for continuing education. Check your benefits package to see how much paid time off you can apply toward your adventure!
Tax Deductible:
Contact your tax advisor to find out how much of your adventure travel may be eligible as a tax-deductible expense!**
Complete all requirements in style:
No more seminars in stuffy corporate environments. Cover up to 30 units of CE while having the experience of a lifetime!
We help you succeed:
By working with Destination Earth, you will have support to complete all of your course requirements with ease. We dedicate plenty of time on our trips to take all needed courses and complete the tests to receive your credits. You’ll even complete credits while en route to our exciting daily adventures, and you’ll be surrounded by other adventurous nurses to discuss topics and assist each other in an inspiring setting.
Earn free trips:
Just invite your friends along and earn discounts, and even a free trip! We give credit where credit is due. Partner with us and bring your team on a private adventure. Groups of 10 or more nurses and one travels free!
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Are your courses Accredited?

A: All of the courses and materials we provide are associated with trusted accredited providers and meet or exceed national standards for continuing education in the medical field. Most professional nursing organizations and state boards of nursing accept our ANCC accredited courses. However, if you are unsure, please contact your professional organization or license authority to confirm if they will accept the CE contact hours you sign up for.


Q: How do I know what continuing education I need?

A: Please refer to the state you are licensed in for more information on the specific hours, types of courses required to maintain your license. Our courses are Accredited. Most states accept our course material.

Q: What courses do you offer, and will they apply toward my CE requirements?

A: Our group study courses are chosen to fulfill universal CE requirements for all states. For your self study course, you may pick a course that meets your interests and needs from the wide selection we offer through our educational partnerships.

Q: How do I learn our course information and get credits?

A: We help facilitate your success by focusing on the most important course material to ensure you pass your tests with flying colors! We provide a combination of audio and visual learning, group study time, individual study time, and individual testing time. Study time and group classes are scheduled every day, usually in one morning and one evening session. We also have self study options for those travelers who are looking for specific courses based on their individual interests. Our self study audio courses are often taken via your smartphone or tablet and headset while traveling via bus or boat to one of our exciting daily activities. You must bring both a portable media player and computer, smartphone or tablet that can log onto wifi and is a portable media player.Tests are then taken later at the hotel or villa. There will be plenty of time each day to learn your materials, and then take your tests online, so you can relax and enjoy your adventure.

Please see our itineraries for a day-by-day schedule.

Q: Will I be studying alone or in a group?

A: Part of the benefit of our CEU/CE Tours is having the option of checking in with peers, sharing information and learning more than you might on your own. We have designed a combination of both group study and customized individual course work during the trip to assure you are getting the units you need, in a way that works for you.

Q: How do I take the tests?

A: You will need to bring a Laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone that can browse the internet over WiFi in order to take your tests. If you do not have one, or if you have questions about whether your technology will work, please contact us.

Q: How many hours does it take to get the credits I need?

A: As with any accredited CE course, 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is typically equal to 1 hour of education. However, we find that often the length of time required to learn the course material and ace the test is usually much less than an hour per unit.

Q: How many CE units will I earn during the trip?

A: Each trip offers up to 30 Continuing Education Units! 30 Units is the maximum needed to complete licensure requirements across all states. If you are licensed in a state that requires fewer units, or if you have already completed some of your units, you may opt out of either the self study or group courses as you prefer.

Q: How intensive is the course and schedule?

A: Get ready to be relaxed! We make sure you have plenty of time and all the material necessary to complete your courses and tests with ease. Courses are broken up into daily bite-sized classes. If you need more time or assistance, just let us know.

Q: Will we have time to have fun?

A: Our courses are designed to rapidly get you through coursework while having fun in an adventurous group environment. Coursework is completed in the mornings and evenings in a schedule that allows for a full day of adventure on our tours! Location-to-location travel time on busses, boats, etc, is used to complete units via audio courses, maximizing both fun and education!

Q: What kind of courses can I take?

A: We have a very wide variety of courses to meet your license renewal needs that meet or exceed the scope available through most popular accredited internet course providers. If you are looking for a specific course, please contact us.

Q: Can I choose what courses I want to take?

A: Currently, you will have the opportunity to choose your self study classes before the trip from a wide range of subjects consistent with the industry leaders in digital coursework, and download the audio portions to your laptop/phone/tablet device (recommended) before you leave. Logistically it would prove very challenging for all attendees to unanimously agree on group courses, so we help make it simple by choosing subjects for group study based on the most popular courses available. If you have already taken a group course that we are offering and are not eligible to take it again (some states disallow repeating courses within the same license renewal period), please let us know, and we may be able to accommodate you.

Q: What if I don’t want to take a course, or if I have enough credits that I don’t need to do all 30 Units offered?

A: Feel free to participate in the courses you wish to take. You may opt out of the course material at any time, and use the group study time for relaxation or personal time instead. You must complete course material and take the tests to earn the CE credits, but you don’t have to complete the material to come on our adventures! CE course costs are all-inclusive. We do not offer refunds for unused CE.

Q: Do you have licensed CE instructors on the trip?

A: Your Destination Earth guides facilitate Accredited course material that is provided through our educational partners. We are NOT licensed instructors. We facilitate coursework through our expedited system to rapidly move you through the units needed, while offering valuable group interaction with other nurses on the course material. We think you will learn what you need to know and have a great adventure at the same time!

Q: Will I have individual instruction by CE experts in the subject of my choosing?

A: At this time, trips are designed to get your CE Credits completed in accordance to your state’s requirements in an accelerated, fun, and easy way, not as in-depth specialty courses taught by experts. Tour guides facilitate educational materials, but are NOT licensed instructors.

Q: How do I get my test results? Is my testing information secure?

A: You will have your own unique protected logins that will be accessible from the time you sign in until long after your tour with us is over, giving you plenty of opportunity to print certificates and manage your tests from any location with internet. You can enjoy your Destination Earth adventure knowing all of your data will be available when you need it. We use 3rd party interfaces that ensure your testing and course data are secure.

Q: Are my continuing education course and travel tax-deductible?

A: Tax-deductibility is dependent on each traveler’s tax situation.  Business-related expenses such as travel and continuing education courses are often tax deductible based on your individual tax status and type of filing. If Continuing Education courses are required to maintain your license, you may be able to deduct part or all of our trips. Although we cannot offer tax advice, we have consulted with our tax advisors and formatted our courses to maximize deductibility for those travelers who qualify. Ex: Other courses may offer one day of course material, but travel may cover a week or more. In that scenario, travel days that have no course material and no work-related activities may not be deductible for some participants. We offer course material daily. This can result in more tax deduction potentials for those who qualify. Please consult with your tax advisor for more information on travel and continuing education deductions.

Q: Will my employer cover this trip with my CE allowance? Can I get a FREE trip?

A: Most medical industry employers offer an annual allowance to assist employees with CE Credits. This averages around $1,000 to $4,000. Check with your employer and/or employment contract to see if you have a CE allowance, and how to use it. Depending on your individual situation, you may be able to get part or all of your Destination Earth adventure paid for!

Q: Can a friend or family member come?

A: We encourage friends and family.

Please contact us for the current incentives and special savings we can share with you to encourage your friends and family to join in on your adventure!

Q: Can my children come?

A: Destination Earth adventures are intended for adults only. For all of our departures, guests must be at least 16 years of age or older. Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult guardian on the adventure.

Q: What will my friends or family do while we are in our group course?

A: Because our courses are between just 1 and 2 hours in the mornings or evenings, your guests can enjoy a little free time during your courses –  perfect time for sleeping in, relaxing, or seeing the local area sights. We will also have opportunities for them to go out and shop or explore during any longer classes.

Q: Aside from the potential tax deductibility, AND the CE allowance from my employer, AND the adventure, AND the ability to make a difference through nonprofit voluntouring, AND having the adventure of a lifetime, why should I take my CE course units with Destination Earth?

A: You need even more reasons? We’ve got them! Who wants to be stuck at home in front of a computer or in time-consuming classes at a local college or midgrade hotel when you could be living the life you dreamed of? No wonder nurses tend to procrastinate getting units completed by license renewal deadlines. With our relaxed group class format, and a daily itinerary that puts your studies in focus, you are assured you will get those units out of the way while having a blast! Join us and make your continuing education something to look forward to all year long!

Q: I am not a nurse, but I need to take CE. Can I get my credits on a Destination Earth adventure?

A: Please contact us! We’d love to discuss the potentials with you.

Q: I don’t want to earn CE credits right now, but I love this adventure! Do you have this adventure available without the continuing education portion?

A: We have several upcoming adventures that are likely to be just right for you! Please check our current offerings on the Our Trips page, or feel free to contact us for custom tours and availability of services that will facilitate the perfect adventure for you!