Become a Travel Partner


Become a Travel Partner

Earn Money and Rewards by Referring Travelers!

Are you ready to spark powerful change and earn money at the same time?

By becoming a Travel Partner, you can personally help lead causes you believe in and earn money, simply by sharing with friends, family and colleagues.

You’ll earn cash rewards and trip credits as you help transform lives. Scroll down to find out more!


To apply to become a Travel Partner, please fill out the form below!

Travel Partner Program Info

How much money can I make?


Up to $200 per confirmed sale. No kidding!

(Exceptions: Influencer Tier Members referrals are based on a different payment structure.)


How does it work?


We give you a TRAVEL PARTNER LINK and/or a SPECIAL CODE that are unique to you.

You share your TRAVEL PARTNER LINK and/or a SPECIAL CODE with others, by word of mouth, social media, blogging, or email.


Here are some ideas:

Facebook: Share an inspiring story of helping plant trees and meet Orangutans in Sumatra from our blog

Instagram: Post a beautiful picture of the magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Twitter: Inspire your Twitter community with a snippet of description from one of our exciting giving-back adventures

Email: Send out an email to your community and with adventure-filled stories from our site or from your heart

Meetups, Flyers, Business Cards: Your TRAVEL PARTNER LINK and/or a SPECIAL CODE can be shared ANYWHERE you like!*



Make sure to include your TRAVEL PARTNER LINK and/or a SPECIAL CODE on your shares so anyone who is interested can find their way to us, and you’ll get the credit if they join us on an adventure.



What happens next?


When a traveller visits and enters your SPECIAL CODE into a form on’s website, that traveller becomes linked to your TRAVEL PARTNER account. If they join us for a life-changing adventure, you’ll get the credit.


When a traveller clicks on your TRAVEL PARTNER LINK, they are taken to to find out more, and if they are interested, they can join us for a life-changing adventure and you’ll get the credit.


What about an exclusive offer to help you start making money?


For a limited time, all of our new TRAVEL PARTNER members will get an exclusive offer they can share. When travelers enter your SPECIAL CODE in the booking form on our site, the can secure a space on an upcoming adventure for just $99! That is a $501 reduction from the standard deposit of $600. Awesome!


What makes us different?


No waiting to start getting paid:


With many travel company rewards programs, you have to wait a loooooong time to get paid.  We have changed all that:


We reward you right away with $100 for all confirmed DEPOSITS (when a traveller makes a confirmed deposit on a trip.)


This happens 2 ways:

A traveller arrives on our website from your TRAVEL PARTNER LINK, signs up for a trip, and makes a confirmed DEPOSIT.

A traveller enters your SPECIAL CODE in a trip sign-up form on our site, signs up for a trip, and makes a confirmed DEPOSIT.


We reward you again with another $100 for all confirmed SALES (when we confirm that a traveller has paid their trip in full AND the date is within 30 days of trip departure)


You get money now AND later!


Share and earn with confidence, purpose, and joy!


Let’s be honest, recommending a product you get paid for can make you, and whomever you talking to, feel awkward or uncomfortable. Of course you only want to recommend the things you truly feel good about.

Destination Earth believes the only way forward is to make sure everyone wins. Our whole vision is about crafting journeys that not only deliver life-changing, inspiring, and unique experiences to the traveller, but also give back to local communities, by supporting humanitarian and environmental causes, from children’s health to saving wildlife. When you help someone take the adventure of a lifetime with us, you can feel confident you’re giving them, and everyone involved, a gift that keeps on giving for years to come!


Short on time? Don’t know what to say? Our RESOURCES have you covered!


We provide a wide variety of graphics, phrases and branded content you can use to spread the word with a couple of simple clicks.


You’ll get full details when you sign up. It is free, easy, and you can cancel anytime.




If you are from a European country, the above benefits may vary due to GDPR and other laws. Please contact for more information.

Please contact  for any additional information.