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Corporate Programs - Corporate Partnerships 



 Your Organization + Destination Earth =


Positive Global Impact



You got into business to make an impact.


 We'd like to help you extend that positive impact in ways you may have only imagined. 



Did you know that you could make a difference in the lives of orphans  in Cambodia, or support world-changing renewable resource research in Hawaii, or help your employees discover permaculture skills they can bring home to their own backyards, just by partnering with Destination Earth?



Our Corporate Programs help you make a positive impact in the world, while making a positive impact inside your business.



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Corporate Sponsorship for Employees:



Help your employees help the world!



Generate positive public image, create a positive social impression with your brand,


engage tax benefits, and benefit from increased employee dedication and job satisfaction.




Incentive Travel:



Reward your top employees with fun adventures and vacations that create positive impact at the same time!




Team Building Adventures:



Build company morale with activities centered around helping people in need and saving the environment.




When you travel abroad, the perspectives you achieve can change your life forever. When you help those in need, you are rewarded with a sense of purpose, effectiveness, and connection. When you care for the environment, you find your place in the bigger picture. Help your employees enjoy this kind of positive impact with your organization!



   Our corporate programs give companies the opportunity to:



+ Reward employees for peak performance



+ Take action on socially responsible projects and show the world your organization cares (show your Corporate Social Responsibility)



+ Build company morale



+ Improve teamwork and team relationships



+ Improve employee retention and dedication




+ Revitalize your employees and get them ready to tackle any task you give them, with a fresh perspective




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