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About Us

Destination Earth was founded by two avid world travelers with a passion for creating true connection with the people they encountered. By giving back during our adventures, we have found that both the travelers and the people we are visiting reap rewards that far exceed either parties expectations. We strive to incorporate green travel in all our adventures. Whenever possible, our tours, hotels, and resorts are dedicated to practices and programs that pay respect to and lessen our footprint on our changing environment.


We believe that you can have a fun, exciting experience traveling abroad while transforming the lives of those you visit for the best. Many organizations either focus on tourism or volunteering. We feel you can gracefully combine the two for the good of our world.



Jud Yaski and Steve Juba



Other Projects:

Destination Earth is working with a non profit cooperative of travel photographers to create a show sharing images of people and cultures from around the world. The proceeds from the sale of these works are donated to those in need in our local community. Hunger is not reserved for exotic cultures far away, but is in our backyard. Destination Earth is about creating a global community.

These projects are about creating this community through supporting universal causes.


If you have a venue for the showing, or would like to purchase images from the showing, please Contact Us.